The European Business Council for Africa

The current pandemic has demonstrated the limits and the needs for development of the health system in Africa. Its organization, but also its infrastructures, equipment and human resources are insufficient.

This observation is not new. Recent calls from prominent African leaders have outlined the need to devote more means, budget, efforts to health care for the millennium. In 2016, even if these investments have increased, it represented on average 7.5% of the budget with tangible but insufficient results on decreasing infant mortality and an increase in life expectancy of 10 years. By devoting modest sums to priority issues phenomenal results could be reached ( Bill Gates).

CBL ACP has a part to play in this, and a new initiative with the help of its networks, members  and partners will soon come to birth.

The specialised in Africa French Agency for strategic communication and press relations 35┬░Nord asked 3 questions to EBCAM's and CIAN's President Etienne Giros on Covid 19. 

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