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Report: CrisisWatch
Commentaries: Mali
Upcoming Event: Europe and its Neighbourhood 2017 – Conflict Prevention and Crisis Management in the 21st Century
Quotes: Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, Ethiopia, Qatar, Sudan, Lake Chad, Israel/Palestine
Careers: Kiev, Brussels


Briefings: Sudan
Newly Translated Reports: Turkey, Niger
Media Release: Libya
Interviews:  Central African Republic
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Conflict and Famine Series: South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria
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Crisis Group

EU Watch List: First Update
Commentary: Somalia, Egypt
Interviews: Central Africa
Quotes: Ethiopia/Somalia, Burkina Faso, Algeria
Careers: South Asia


Watch List 2017 – First Update

Crisis Group’s first update to our Watch List 2017 includes entries on counter-terrorism, Afghanistan, Egypt, Somalia and the Western Balkans. These early-warning publications identify conflict situations in which prompt action by the European Union and its member states would generate stronger prospects for peace. (27 April)


Somalia: Transforming Hope into Stability

Crisis Group, 30 April

Keeping Egypt’s Politics on the Agenda

Crisis Group, 30 April


Security and Politics in Central Africa

In this podcast, Central Africa Project Director Richard Moncrieff and Deputy Program Director for Africa EJ Hogendoorn address some of the many political and security issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and Burundi. (2 May)


“The Ethiopian government backed a different candidate [in Somalia's recent presidential election], so there was speculation that the new Somali president may actually be hostile to Ethiopia, a regional country with a military presence in Somalia”.

Rashid Abdi, Project Director for Horn of Africa, RFI, 3 May
“The new rulers [in Burkina Faso] want to use justice when it serves them but they don't want to sink their own ship”.

Cynthia Ohayon, Analyst for West Africa, Reuters, 3 May
“Für die meisten Menschen in Algerien bedeutet diese Wahl absolut nichts. Es ist erstaunlich, wie das Parlament in den Jahren der Bouteflika-Ära politisch ausgehölt wurde”.

Issandr El Amrani, Project Director for North Africa, Tagesschau, 1 May