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The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell, met with the Vice-President of the Libyan Presidency Council Musa Al-Koni in Brussels on Wednesday.

The meeting took place one month before the start of Libyan elections on 24 December. High Representative Borrell welcomed the efforts of Vice-President Al-Koni and of the Presidency Council to organise and proceed with the elections. In just over a year, Libyans have agreed on a ceasefire and a road map leading to the formation of temporary authorities and then elections. The High Representative reaffirmed the EU’s readiness to provide all available support to facilitate the holding of free, fair, inclusive and credible presidential and parliamentary elections. In this regard, he announced the upcoming deployment of an EU Electoral Expert Mission on the ground, ahead of the elections on 24 December.

He also reconfirmed to Vice-President Al-Koni the EU’s support in efforts to achieve the withdrawal of all foreign mercenaries, fighters, non-armed actors and other foreign forces from Libya.

High Representative Borrell stressed that Libya has a clear opportunity to build a stable and prosperous future and that the EU is willing to provide the necessary support at this critical juncture for the country.

The High Representative discussed with Vice-President Al-Koni the immediate challenges, but also the long-term opportunities for EU-Libya cooperation. He noted that the EU is keen to discuss ways to support cooperation between Libya and its neighbours in the Sahel to better manage borders and allow for the withdrawal of mercenaries, fighters, non-armed actors and other foreign forces from Libya.

Libya is a valued partner and the EU looks forward to further engaging in a bilateral dialogue on peace, reconstruction and stabilisation in the country and across the region.