The European Business Council for Africa

Wednesday, 1st March
9:00 18:00
Nairobi, Kenya

Join the Sankalp Africa Summit 2023, an event that catalyzes collaborations across the entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to solve global challenges sustainably. They believe that entrepreneurs are reshaping Africa’s economic opportunities to improve the lives of millions. Join them to build relationships, discover opportunities, explore sustainable development strategies, and forge unlikely alliances with new partners.

As they write the theme note for the 14th Sankalp Global Summit 2022 and the 10th Sankalp Africa Summit 2023, it is the hottest recorded summer in over 120 years in South Asia. Land temperatures have recorded highs of between 40 – 60 degrees centigrade in some regions, and extreme heat waves are crippling power and water supplies across countries. This global climate crisis threatens the lives and livelihoods of over 100 million in extreme poverty. It could destabilize local markets, increase food insecurity, limit economic growth, and increase risk for agriculture sector investors, especially across Africa. Despite the fact that Africa’s economy relies heavily on agriculture, the vast majority of its production is entirely dependent on rainfall, which is becoming more and more erratic – alternating between droughts and floods across the continent. The impact on the Global South countries is severe.

They wish they were writing about a future world but this is the reality of today. We are not yet done with the pandemic that is still taking lives and disrupting economic growth in emerging markets. Developmental progress has regressed, more people are being pushed into poverty, and already vulnerable populations continue to be adversely impacted. Empathy to look beyond our own personal world is needed now more than ever.

They would like to embrace three fundamental shifts in thinking along with the Sankalp community of practitioners as we navigate this changing world dynamic. We need to think along these three frames:

  • Transformational change versus baby steps
  • Interconnectedness versus individualism
  • Making the change happen versus waiting for the change

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