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The Importance of Governance and Business Ethics with Brand South Africa - February 26, 2019

Invest Africa and Brand SA are delighted to invite you to our Members event on ‘The Importance of Governance and Business Ethics with Brand SA’ , looking at the ongoing consideration of corporate governance developments in South Africa and its importance for its continued development in the country and the region.

Brand South Africa was established in August 2002 to help create a positive and compelling brand image for South Africa.

At that time, the world was unsure about what to think of South Africa, with many different messages being sent out by various sources. This did very little to build the country’s brand and it was evident that to attract tourism and investment there was a need to co-ordinate marketing initiatives to make them more effective.

This led to the creation of Brand South Africa, whose main objective is the marketing of South Africa through the Brand South Africa campaign.

There are many benefits to having a consolidated brand image, with the most important being that a consistent Brand South Africa message creates strategic advantages in terms of trade and tourism for the country in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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