The European Business Council for Africa

7th of February 2023
Start at 08:30
The Hague, The Netherlands

Africa is the fastest growing region in the world with a continuously changing economic, political, and social landscape. Staying on top of the latest developments and what they mean for your business can become tedious, especially with an already tight schedule. The Africa Expert Breakfast brings together seasoned CEOs, Founders, and Directors for a 90-minute round table discussion providing high-profile insights and fresh market perspectives saving you time and resources.

Benefits of joining Africa Expert Breakfast:

Access to top-level experience-based knowledge;
Stay on-top of market trends that matter;
Save time and resources by learning from fellow-peers;
Connect with fellow market-leaders and grow your network.
Africa Expert Breakfast session on Egypt, as organised in collaboration with the Standard Chartered Bank, VNO-NCW, and Invest International, will focus on the country’s stabilisation efforts and what is needed for them to bear fruit in 2023. Following close to 12 months of macroeconomic and FX challenges, the EGP went through a third devaluation in less than a year in January. The IMF programme factors in continued financial support from the GCC, a recovery in portfolio inflows, and a substantial pick-up in foreign direct investment. The session will address the implications these financial and macroeconomic developments are set to have for economic agents, particularly given the lingering FX backlog which continues to constitute an overhang on the EGP.

This is a physical event and will not be live streamed. Please note, registration does not mean an automatic entry.

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