The European Business Council for Africa

Join Invest Africa on Wednesday, the 1st of December 2021 from 12:00 to 13:00 GMT, for an insightful online session exploring energy futures in a continent in transition.

 The African continent as a whole remains heavily dependent upon fossil fuels with the likes of South Africa and Nigeria remaining over 70% dependent on non-renewables. The potential for a green transition over the coming years remains pertinent, yet a long way off. The opportunity for private investment alongside government initiatives to prioritise green schemes has started to drive the way forward across the continent, as seen with the rise of hydroelectric power across Angola, Kenya and Mozambique. Thus, the potential for the continent to move away from non-renewables is within reach.

Despite the potential for African states to undergo a green transition, legislation, cost cutting and the lack of private investment for the most part has made the switch to renewable energy a challenge. The increase in hydroelectric power, as well as an increase in solar energy has projected the potential for African states to push forward with the switch to clean energy. The challenge, however, remains; private investment combined with outdated legislation within the energy sector has the potential to undermine the shift to carbon free energy production.

Following COP26, join Invest Africa in partnership with DLA Piper as we delve into the potential for a green energy transition for Africa. This webinar is organised in conjunction with the launch of the Africa Energy Futures report in December 2021. The report sets out the conclusions and observations of DLA Piper Africa lawyers in 21 jurisdictions across the continent in relation to the future of the energy sector in Africa, all within a 2030 horizon.

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