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  • Nigeria’s ICT sector is booming; the sector has grown significantly in the past decade and contributes almost 10 percent to Nigeria’s GDP. The country has become the most popular destination of active tech hubs on the continent, and has the largest number of internet users. The growth of the tech sector has gone hand in hand with the development of a strong technical talent community; with companies like Google, Microsoft and  Andela offering training  that focus both on soft and hard technical skills.

    For many Dutch companies that are struggling to find qualified tech talent, Africa, and Nigeria in particular, has often been a blind spot and not yet explored in terms of human capital. With the wide adoption of remote-work and digital technologies across the whole Dutch economy, recruiting additional digital talent from new talent pools, like Nigeria, could be an essential step to alleviate skill gaps and a powerful tool to accelerate COVID-19 recovery.

    NABC and IOM the Netherlands invite you to join our upcoming webinar on harnessing top Nigerian tech talent to accelerate COVID-19 recovery on Tuesday 13 April 2021 from 15:00 – 16:00 (CEST). During this webinar you will hear more about the transformation of Nigeria’s technical talent landscape in the past decade, and why it is commercially interesting for Dutch companies to work with Nigerian ICT professionals to accelerate COVID-19 recovery. During the panel discussion, two Dutch companies will share their experiences on working with Nigerian tech talent. In addition, you will learn more about existing programmes such as the MATCH project that support Dutch companies in finding highly skilled tech talent. Join today to find out how your company can meet Nigerian tech talents to support your current and future needs.

    Who can join?

    • Netherlands-based companies that are interested in tapping into Nigeria’s tech talent pool or eager to learn more about Nigeria’s tech sector.

    You can register here.

    Source: NABC