The European Business Council for Africa

Africa faces the largest burden of endemic diseases in the world. With only 11% of the global population, the Continent accounts for 49% of maternal deaths, 50% under 5 deaths and 67% of HIV/AIDS cases. The need to finance Africa’s healthcare systems was pressing well before Covid-19 took hold. Africa’s response to the pandemic has shown the power of collective action, leveraging the region’s health institutions as well as a collaborative cross-border approach from public and private players alike.

In this webinar we’ll be discussing how multilaterals can support scaled investment into African tech, the role that the private sector has to play in financing and delivering services and the potential of continental platforms following the Covax model to lower both costs and prices. 

Discussion points:

  • How can public private partnerships be most effectively leveraged in African healthcare?

  • What ethical considerations do private investors need to consider when looking at investing in African healthcare?

  • What solutions are currently available from multilaterals such as the IFC to scale investment into African healthcare and what more could they provide?

  • Is insurance the right model for African healthcare?

  • How can African governments act collectively to improve healthcare provision and lower costs?

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Source: Invest Africa