The European Business Council for Africa

The German Federal Government strongly believes that a global hydrogen market will emerge and carbon-free hydrogen will be the object of trade which is why a National Hydrogen Strategy was passed in 2020. Hydrogen is not only an important factor for the European Union to reach its climate goals, additionally it has the power to unlock untapped potential across various sectors and enable industries to develop sustainably. Germany is determined to play a major role in boosting a global hydrogen market while promoting its own economy and has put a partnership with the African continent on the Agenda with a 310 million euro funding for the production of green hydrogen, research and investment projects in Morocco.

The African continent is known for leapfrogging and has proven to be an oasis for sourcing renewable energy. Powering the fast growing economies in Africa is a challenge but at the same time a huge potential for the energy sector. The International Energy Agency is convinced that renewable energy will make up almost half of Sub-Sahara African power generation growth by 2040. The expansion of renewable energy sourcing in Africa will favour the development of green hydrogen and will enable African economies to compete in a global hydrogen market.

  • What role will the African continent play in achieving Germanys hydrogen strategy and what will the development of a global hydrogen market mean for African economies?
  • What framework is needed in African countries in order to push the development of renewable energy on the ground?
  • Can we realistically speak about transporting energy from Africa to Europe or is that a far-fetched vision?

These and more questions will be addressed during this session (via Zoom). Webinar language is English.

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Source: Afrika Verein