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The world’s maritime spaces define our economies and geographies; sea routes account for 90% of global trade and half of the world’s population lives less than 60km from the sea. With 38 of 54 African States on the coast, the Continent is an important strategic conduit for international trade. Alongside trade, Africa’s aquatic spaces present opportunities in fishing, aquaculture, energy, mineral resources and tourism.

Unlocking the potential of Africa’s blue economy while maintaining environmental stability forms an important part of the African Union’s Africa 2063 strategy but also presents a significant challenge. The blue economy includes a wide range of sectors, each with their own impact on coastal and marine environments. Sustainable investment and development of these resources calls for close collaboration between the private sector, governments and local communities. In this Invest Africa webinar, stakeholders will discuss how to build better frameworks for the sustainable development of Africa’s blue economy and highlight the opportunities that it presents.

Key discussion points:

  • How useful is the concept of the Blue Economy to unlocking the potential of Africa’s aquatic spaces?

  • What frameworks are needed to support collaboration between governments, communities and investors on blue economy projects?

  • How disruptive will Covid-19 be to key areas of the blue economy such as tourism and maritime trade?

  • How can investment be targeted to build financial and technological capacity to harvest ocean assets?

  • What is the potential of blue power projects in Africa and how can investment be driven into the sector?

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Source: invest Africa