The European Business Council for Africa

2020 provided many shocks to the global order, but it can be argued the year provided a second catalyst in encouraging many countries, cities and corporates alike to recommit on their climate and environment focused initiatives. Whilst this backdrop is positive it only reiterates that time is running out to achieve the SDGs.

In Africa, increased investment is required to stand any chance of achieving these goals. By leveraging blended finance solutions which can unlock catalytic funding (usually grants and donor backed capital) and subsequently crowd in private sector money, the SDGs have a better chance of being achieved. According to Convergence, Africa has consistently remained the most targeted regions for blended finance vehicles, but the trillions it promised to unlock have not been seen. With the Covid headwinds continuing to blow strong in 2021, what is the current state of blended finance solutions today in Africa? Will we be able to scale the amount of financing they receive up?

You can watch the recording of the session here

Source: NABA