The European Business Council for Africa

Date: 30 June 2022, 12:00-13:30 (CEST)


In recent months, African countries have fallen prey to foreign misinformation with enormous consequences on their political stability. In that context, the EU has partnered with a wide array of partners, including start-ups and projects like the Digital Enquirer Kit to counter disinformation campaigns, which we will have the chance and opportunity to welcome during our Info Point.

In the context of INTPA's work as regards international development and cooperation, misinformation and disinformation have become an even bigger challenge since the beginning of the pandemic. Indeed, the increased digitalisation that has characterised the last two years, as well as the digital shift undergone by some of INTPA's partner countries have heightened their vulnerability to disinformation campaigns, as well as the strategic influence of actors such as Russia.

Disinformation campaigns during the pandemic have had direct health risks by triggering for instance part of the population to refuse being vaccinated or to challenge medical advice. Moreover, some state and non-state actors use disinformation campaigns as a tool to further their political propaganda, therefore generating political instability and insecurity. It has therefore become key for INTPA to engage with a wide variety of actors to promote a more secure approach to the digital world, including through training and outreach

The Digital Enquirer Kit is an open e-learning tool with self-study modules. The modules explain how to identify misinformation, analyse reliable information online, and share it securely. As misinformation has spread rapidly in the digital space, posing threat globally to societes and individuals, it is essential to strengthen one's capacity to identify trustworthy internet sources and therefore reduce ones vulnerabilities. The DEK also published material specifically targetting the rise of disinformation since the beginning of Covid-19.


  • Carla Montesi
    Director INTPA F- Green Deal, Digital Agenda
  • Daniela Divjak
    Digital Enquirer Kit


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