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Conflict and Famine Series: South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria
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Instruments of Pain (II): Conflict and Famine in South Sudan

War in South Sudan led the UN to declare 100,000 people are suffering famine, with a further 5.5 million at risk. This special briefing urges the country to work harder to establish parameters for a ceasefire. At the same time, humanitarian corridors from Sudan should be kept open and donors must fully fund the UN aid appeal. (26 April)

Instruments of Pain (III): Conflict and Famine in Somalia

Chronic conflict is preventing effective response to Somalia’s prolonged drought and humanitarian crisis. This special briefing urges Somalia to improve governance and promote countrywide clan reconciliation to end the war. (9 May)

Instruments of Pain (IV): The Food Crisis in North East Nigeria

Five million people are hit by the humanitarian fallout of the Boko Haram insurgency. Beyond ending the war, this briefing urges donors to fund their UN aid pledges in full and the Nigerian government to step up relief for its citizens. (16 May)


“Wenn man [in Tunesien] keine Verbindungen hat, nicht Teil des dominierenden Netzwerks ist, dann wird man unterdrückt, marginalisiert, klein gemacht”.

Michaël Béchir Ayari, Senior Analyst for Tunisia, Deutsche Welle, 16 May
“The public impression is that the [Nigerian] president’s ailment is more serious than his aides admit and there are growing demands on the government to come clean on the true state of his health”.

Nnamdi Obasi, Senior Adviser for Nigeria, Financial Times, 7 May


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