The European Business Council for Africa

Radisson Hotel Group this week announced the addition of six hotels to its Africa portfolio in Mali, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa.

This is part of an expansion strategy by Radisson, which is on a growing list of global hotel chains including the likes of Marriott and Hyatt ramping up their presence on the continent.

The company plans to “further accelerate” its expansion despite the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s a rare piece of good news for Africa’s beleaguered tourism sector. It’s estimated that international arrivals to the continent dropped 13% from January - March 2020, against a 6% increase in 2019, and there has been little support for companies.

The bullish outlook hints at untapped potential.

Africa’s tourism sector was the world’s fastest growing for international arrivals in 2017 at 8.6% , with 62.7m visitors bringing in $37.7bn in receipts. Surging demand from new source markets, particularly China, means this may well go up in the next few years.

Future potential will do little to comfort a sector on life support at the moment, but the willingness to continue investing against the backdrop of a continent-wide recession should provide some cause for optimism.

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