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This week is Geneva Peace Week, which will bring together the relevant UN bodies, NGOs and leading academic and other experts involved in the peacebuilding business. There will be plenty of discussions on how best to find peaceful solutions to violent conflicts, building on recent lessons learnt. For the past 1.5 years, we have looked at the factors determining peacebuilding efforts by the EU and several European member states. Today, we are proud to launch our second case study, focusing on Sweden. Pauline Veron and Andrew Sherriff conclude that the country remains a peacebuilding champion, but that the rise of the right-wing populist party and the resurgence of Russia could threaten its work in the future. 

You might not know, but do now, that Côte d’Ivoire has become, almost overnight, the world’s largest producer of cashew nuts. We have a paper – in French – on the country’s positive example which underlines the importance of high-level political will and a participatory policy-making process for other governments seeking to achieve similar successes in the agricultural sector. 

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