The European Business Council for Africa

ECDPM's weekly update on EU - Africa relations and international cooperation 

the EU says it is deeply committed to promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. To achieve this goal in the field of external relations, it has adopted a Gender Action Plan 2016-2020. Halfway through its mandate, the EU has looked at the results so far. And so did we. ECDPM’s Noemi Cascone and Anna Knoll have chosen the EU Trust Fund for Africa as a case study to analyse if and how gender is integrated into the workings of the trust fund. As often is the case, the conclusions are mixed.  

The team that has been working on the future of peacebuilding support will be in Washington, DC later this week to present their work at the Alliance for Peacebuilding Conference, the annual gathering of the peacebuilding community. 

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